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injuries. they found the victim named harder of santa rosa. there is no word on his condition and the driver is cooperating with investigators. >>> it may not have the financial clout of christmas but they are counting on easter sales to boost their bottom line. here is this year's outlook. jade? >> reporter: sales are affected when customers done buy or -- don't buy or are not buying as much. it is hard to miss the chocolates here. yesterday's business was extremely busy. >> it was up quite a bit from the year before and we were just happy to have enough bunnies and carrots an eggs for everybody. >> reporter: easter shoppers will spend about an average of $20 on candy and chocolate. the average person spending for easter will lay down $145 and 13 cents. that is 15 cents less than last year but that does not seem to be a facing his business. >> this is not the average store so i don't go by what everybody else is doing. i concentrate on providing a unique collection. >> reporter: it starts the usual up particular in sales. we have had a lo
and -- sea breeze and some rain. 39-degrees in santa rosa. one of the lingering spots in the 30s. 40 for napa. 42 for fairfield. that is a big improvement for you fairfield. 48 in oakland. 51 in redwood city. mid 40s san jose under mostly sunny skies. pacific satellite view the ridge of high pressure still in control for your weather pattern. we have that flow. high clouds continue to spill in time and time again. leaving us with high clouds and mostly sunny skies. the system back here it's about hundred miles off -- 800 miles off the coastline. the on shore breeze is back. the cooler air mass moving into place. takes until about wednesday we start to see a chance at maybe sprinkles. your afternoon highs for today under mostly sunny skies. 68 for vallejo. 72 for napa. 67 san rafael. along the coast between the low clouds turning sunny and cloudy again scene an afternoon breeze. 58 for pacifica. along the coastline could be a little cool. santa cruz starting off mostly sunny and 68 expected for you. inland temperatures will warm once again. ev
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2